Student Resources

Lingua Science provides a multitude of resources for our ESL and Japanese-language students. On this page, students can find a quick directory of common in-class topics and handouts, along with various recommendations for enhancing their current coursework and continuing their education via independent study.

How to Type in Japanese

If you’re a student of the Japanese language, you might have wondered how a standard keyboard can input thousands of kanji characters- or you might just need to write a reply to your boss. Typing in Japanese is easier than you think and will be made even easier with this guide.

Useful Tools for Studying Japanese Grammar

Need a bit of extra help wading through your adventure through Japanese grammar? We know many students feel overwhelmed by its initially steep learning curve, but we have a few recommendations to give you some extra help.

Convenient Apps for Learning Hiragana/Katakana

Here’s a quick list of apps we recommend for the beginning Japanese student to help master the all-important kana alphabets.

Reinforce Your Vocabulary with SRS Learning

Have you heard of SRS learning? In this article, see how these techniques can greatly enhance your language studies and memory recall.

Blogs and Vlogs on Japanese Language and Culture

A strong community of expats can be found blogging and vlogging about Japanese culture and day to day life online and these resources are especially helpful for our students who will be soon living abroad.