Japanese Language Training

Do you plan to work or travel in Japan? Or does your corporation station American employees in Japan? Having a good grasp of the Japanese language will make the time you or your employees spend there more comfortable and productive.

Lingua Science creates customized programs for American professionals to learn real-world Japanese, including

  • Weekly corporate classes
  • Daily or weekly tutoring
  • Total immersion
  • Blended language and cross-cultural training
  • Japanese Language Proficiency Test training

Major Japanese corporations with branches in the United States routinely call on Lingua Science to conduct extensive Japanese language training for their American employees.

Veteran language teachers

We provide highly qualified teachers for small classes or one-on-one instruction. Our teachers all have prior Japanese language teaching experience. Many have advanced degrees, specialized training in Japanese pedagogy, and experience working in the business world. They are able to adapt textbooks and training materials to suit your particular requirements for your company, job, and travel needs.

Tailored instructional design

Classes and tutoring include regular progress reports and testing/evaluation as desired. Instruction can be as structured or unstructured as you like. What is key is that you enjoy studying the language and feel confident using what you learn. We will provide an estimate of the number of hours required to reach your desired level of fluency.

Training needs analysis

If you are seeking Japanese language training for your employees or yourself, contact us with your training requirements. We will be pleased to analyze your training needs and propose an appropriate Japanese language instructional program for you.