English Language Training

There’s no question about it: English is a tough language to learn. It’s full of hidden pitfalls and traps for the non-native speaker, such as words that sound the same but are spelled differently and, conversely, words that sound different but are spelled the same.

If you are a foreign business professional seeking to improve your fluency in English, Lingua Science can help you with its focused ESL (English as a Second Language) training program.

Seasoned instructors

We employ only experienced instructors with advanced degrees in teaching English as a second language.

Customized instruction

Since your level of English fluency is likely to be different from other business professionals arriving in the U.S., one of our ESL instructors will first briefly meet with you to assess your needs and then design a training plan and course materials specifically for you.

We do not rely on standardized tests (TOEFL, and so on) for assessment because these tests often do not accurately gauge a person’s ability to communicate in spoken English. They also cannot assess a person’s skill at making presentations in English or at using English in a management position or other business duties.

Our ESL instructors’ primary goal is to help you achieve continuous improvements in English skills that are clearly apparent to you and those around you. Our instructors provide periodic progress reports. They also conduct testing and evaluation as requested.

Accent reduction

Accent reduction is a related service available from Lingua Science. Our accent reduction instruction is provided by a speech therapist trained in the specific technology of analyzing and improving accents. Accent reduction occurs not only at the word level, but also in phrases and context-specific speech.

Our speech therapist customizes the program for each individual, using actual work documents and presentations, and, when possible, video and tape recording of the student’s interaction with co-workers. Noticeable improvements can usually be achieved in as little as eight to ten hours.

Talk to us about training

If you would like to improve your English skills or reduce your accent,get in touch with Lingua Science to discuss your training needs.