Interpreting Services

When you need to conduct dual-language meetings, negotiations, or other transactions, our experienced team of professional interpreters will make sure your organization’s message is clearly heard and understood.

Lingua Science specializes in Japanese-English technical and business interpreting services, including

  • Business meetings and teleconferences
  • Engineering conferences
  • Machine installation projects
  • Plant tours
  • Training seminars
  • Business lunches and dinners
  • City tours / travel guides
  • Auto Show / SAE Conference guides

Consecutive interpreting

We offer consecutive interpreting services. A consecutive interpreter will wait until the end of the speaker’s sentence before interpreting. Depending on your needs, we can also arrange for “whisper” interpreting, where the interpreter, in a quiet voice, summarizes the speaker’s discussions for a few listeners within earshot of the speaker.

Flexible scheduling

We accommodate requests for interpreting as short as a half-day or one day, up to a week, a month, even a year. If you have an interpreting project, do not hesitate to contact us for a cost estimate.


Special validation and transcription services

Lingua Science is unique among Japanese-English agencies because we have several Americans on staff who are fluent in Japanese, yet do not look Asian.

If you are in a particularly delicate business situation such as negotiations that require you to know what your Japanese counterparts are saying about you, without them knowing that you know, consider the use of a validation bilingual. Our bilingual can attend your meeting as an observer, without interpreting, and then report to you after the meeting on what was said.

We also offer a similar service in which we transcribe recorded meetings and video conferences after the fact, and translate the foreign language content into English so that you will know what transpired.