HR Consulting

If your company does not have an HR representative on staff, or needs an experienced bilingual recruiter to assist in conducting interviews of American or Japanese candidates, Lingua Science can provide HR-related consulting services to suit your specific needs:

  • Interviewing services
  • Language skills screening
  • Advertisement writing
  • Information on sound HR practices

Conduct effective interviews

Interviewing candidates takes a special skill. Do you know what questions you can legally ask to draw out the information you need about a candidate? A third-party interviewer from Lingua Science can become an active participant in your interviews, allowing you to relax and fully study candidate reactions. Optionally, we can act as interpreter or simply monitor an interview if you wish.

Following interviews, we provide you with feedback, giving our observations about candidates and highlighting any subtleties that may be important to your hiring decisions, including clues as to which candidate is the best fit for your organization.

Assess your candidate’s language skills

If you need assistance when it comes to evaluating the language skills of bilingual job candidates, Lingua Science can screen your candidates for acceptable levels of language proficiency. At your request, we will use oral or written assessments, or both, to gauge your candidate’s language abilities.

Run job advertisements with impact

You provide the job description, and Lingua Science will write the copy for effective newspaper and Internet ads. We can write your ads for both English and Japanese-language newspapers and Web sites.

Follow sound HR practices

Drawing on its extensive interviewing and hiring experience, Lingua Science can advise you on the do’s and don’ts of sound, effective interviewing and hiring. We can also provide you with research on specific HR-related topics.