Lingua Science Company Profile


With over $1.5 million in annual sales, Lingua Science Corporation is one of the largest bilingual staffing, translation, and language training service companies in the Midwest.

Michigan native and University of Michigan graduate Susan Aitken founded Lingua Science on November 13, 1990 as a DBA of Auto Digest USA, Inc. During the early 90s, Lingua Science focused on Japanese-English automotive and technical translation. We translated several noted industry newsletters and magazines, including Crain’s Automotive News Japanese Fax Edition.

In the mid 90s Lingua Science expanded its scope to the bilingual staffing field. As a result of this growth, Lingua Science spun off as an independent sub-S corporation on May 16, 1995, and established headquarters at 415 N. Main Street in Ann Arbor, Michigan. In the late 90s we added language training to our menu of services.

After more than a decade of continuous 20-30% growth in annual sales, Lingua Science was on the move again. In December, 2003, we relocated our headquarters to its present site at 921 W. Washington Street in Ann Arbor to accommodate current and future business expansion in the translation, language training, and staffing divisions.

In keeping with our slogan, “Quality people, quality work,” we are committed to providing our customers with superior employment and language services. Our staff currently numbers 25 direct employees and 20 contract employees.


Contact Information:

Lingua Science Corporation
921 W. Washington, Suite 2
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Tel: 734.930.1553
Fax: 734.930.9968